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"HER THING" - Diary of a Prisoner's Wife

Maria Lindbloom

Maria Lindbloom is the wife of Gunner Alan Lindbloom, former "gangster" and Mafia associate who spent 13 years in prison who was paroled in July 2016. Since October 2015, ten months before he came home, Maria began recording her personal diary entries in audio format. Listeners can get a glimpse of what life was like for Maria before Gunner's homecoming, leading up to his release, as well as their life afterward. All recordings are dated and are actual diary recounts as recorded at that time, with minimal editing and name omissions to protect the privacy of individuals. For those who aren't familiar with Gunner, he's published two successful fictional novels about the Detroit Mafia, launched a clothing line called "OUR THING" Apparel, and has told many of his own personal stories on his YouTube channel. Maria's passionate about her marriage, her faith, her homestead, and her health, and all of that is chronicled here in detail for listeners to enjoy.